Marang Child Care Network Trust

Equipping NGOs/FBOs/CBOs for the protection and care of Children


What we do


Marang’s role as coordinating body is to oversee that service provided to orphans and vulnerable children and their families by its member organisations are integrated, harmonized and meet the needs of the target groups. Also these services contribute to the national priorities which will have an impact on both the beneficiaries and the nation as a whole. The reporting is done effectively to the relevant authorities and can contribute as well as influence the future planning and programming for OVC.


Our organization works with members whom we encourage to network and share experiences and best practices as they all work with orphans and vulnerable children and pursue a common goal which is to see that children of Botswana are provided with adequate quality services. These organizations are at different developmental levels and capacities therefore are encouraged to know who provides what and at what level so that they can augment each other’s efforts through referrals and linkages.